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Revolutionize your presentations with our Neurographic PowerPoint Infographic Template. Effortlessly convey ideas, processes, and strategies with visually stunning graphics. Ideal for business, education, and beyond.

Designed to seamlessly communicate complex ideas, processes, and strategies, this versatile template empowers you to create visually stunning flowcharts with ease. Download now for impactful, professional presentations that captivate and impress.

Main Features

  • 24 Unique Slides
  • Aspect Ratio Size 16:9
  • Drag and drop picture placeholder plus auto-adjustment (size, transparency, shape, etc)
  • Font use in document folder ( Free License)
  • Easy and fully editable (shape color, size, position, etc)
  • Complete With mockup Device, only drag and drop screen placeholder

Obtained in Packages

  • Documentation File

Note : All Image Stocks not included.

Digitcase Project

Tema: Office Templates, Business & Services,

Software Requerido por Plantilla: PowerPoint 2003 or 2007 (better), Powerpoint 2007 (recommended) or Powerpoint 2003,

Color: white, grey,

tags: biology, brain, head, human, idea, illustration, intelligence, medical, mind, science, infographic, infographify, pptdesign, proslides, presentify,

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Plantilla # 394410
Tipo: Plantillas PowerPoint
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Plantilla # 394410
Tipo: Plantillas PowerPoint
Autor: DigitCase
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